We are proud to announce the relaunching of our core platform ICO RANK.

What is ICO RANK?

ICO Rank is an independent ICO (Initial Coin Offering) listing website and is not affiliated with any 3rd party ICO project or company.

We will delay the launch of RFT. We want to make sure that RFT will be the best.

But the RFT.finance website will work the same as before. The RFT holders can trade/Stake/Farm RFT without any problem.

“Rank Token” is scheduled for the final burn. The tokens will out of the Team hands

As always we want to protect our investors and increase liquidity. All the tokens will out of the team's hands. This will improve and rank quality and value. After completing one of the most transparent ICO, we will continue our transparency to our every work.

All the Rank which is unsold will be burned on the 5th of February. After February will work more on improving the ecosystem.

Rank is now listed on Latoken Exchange

Go and Trade Rank — https://go.latoken.com/3p7

Latoken Exchange

Rank Network

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